My man 11 years was just diagnosed with lung cancer, inoperable plus has a bad heart history .
For five years I was his dad's primary care giver, until he passed away last May. I was good to him and he was a kind man. My mate and I were having problems, but I put everything on the back burner.
His dad said if I stuck around and continued to care for him, he would leave some money......enough to buy a used car and move. Well, he never got around to contact his attorneys to add this codicil.
My mate and are basically having the same problems we had from the beginning, his constant criticism of me all day and the temper that goes up very easily.....guess who the scapegoat is?
His kids are already talking about the place. The oldest son was to inherit a small piece of land with the small house. Yesterday, he talked about sharing with his two sisters. There are married with kids.....I am thinking when Lloyd passes away, the kids will either sell or the oldest will live here.
Is it wrong for me to ask for council of staying until my disability comes.....end of the year.
I know how a little bit of money can really change someone.
I am not trying to be selfish, but I think if he loves me, he would add the council in. I have nursed him for many years and his I am dad. Am I asking for to much.

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Mea t i eas his dad 's care giver. .....copd.
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