On last Friday my mom woke up acting so different I called rescue. They took her to the emergency room come to find out she had a severe UTI but had just been treated 2 weeks ago for a UTI. They had to put in another nephrostomy I think that's I think I'm pronouncing it right also they found that she had an abscess behind her kidney I was hoping that she would be up and responding back by now but the nurse said that she was very septic so it may take a while with the antibiotics. But my question is why she's in the hospital now she's starting to stiffen up real bad and in a lot of pains whenever you go to you know extend her legs and arm. So my question to anybody in the group have they ever experienced this with any of their parents and if so what was the outcome?

My mom had a UTI that went septic in February. They told me this the first day. I went home and the next morning I was on the way to go see her and the hospital call to make sure I'd be home because they were releasing her. I freaked out. I said I don't want her released and asked how they thought that was a good idea? She said I could fill out a complaint but that wouldn't keep her there. She came home still sicker. Two days later I called the ambulance and she went back for two weeks! The first day back she was unresponsive for 24 hours and her temp has dropped to 96 or something. She looked so old when I finally got in to see her they had a little heating cap on her and compression blankets. She was in ICCU it's not quite ICU but close. APS for some reason thought I was try to get her discharged and I never got a straight answer as to why she had been released. I still get pissed thinking about it. She was really stiff the first week and wouldn't eat. I think a lot of her symptoms we're from the antibiotics they gave her intravenously. Some people are put into a medical coma when they have sepsis. Could your mom have been having reaction to medication?
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I'm sorry your mom is going through this. Sepsis is very serious and can cause damage to multiple organs sometimes leading to death.

Her stiffening is probably due to the Sepsis. As Sunnygirl20 stated talk to her doctor.

My mom did go through this, it progressed to Septic Shock which she passed from.
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I'm sorry this has happened to your mother. I'd discuss it with her doctor though. I'm not familiar with sepsis, which you state above, but, I have had diabetic (I'm Type I) ketoacidosis and my limbs were very painful. I've read it's due to lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. In my case, they brought my blood sugar level down, gave me oxygen and intravenous fluids for a few days. It took time to get my blood work right. But, I was young and otherwise healthy at the time.

I hope you can get some answers. Are they able to give your mother something to make her more comfortable? Have they told you if this is something that she can recover from?
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