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Looking at your reply to Tabouli's post, it sounds as though there are other worries, and not only that your charge's family are not taking their responsibilities seriously.

There are two big issues that jump out immediately:

1. A person who needs 24/7 care and attendance is dependent on ONE person - you - for all her (?) needs. That's no good. What if you fall ill or really can't stay?

2. You are clearly concerned that this person's family are, bluntly, helping themselves to property and neglecting their POA duties.

Get help! Make some calls! There are social services who can give you advice about what to do to protect both yourself and the person you look after. Have a look online at your county's or your state's services for older people and caregivers and you should be able to find out who to contact quite easily. If you get stuck and need help, just say.
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The Department of Labor regulates minimums for what a caregiver is paid. Depending on your state, you may have additional protections.
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I mean what do you get payed for cooking, cleaning extc. I care about the patient but its a little hard work for little to nothing especially when I am the one that has to stay 24 hours 7 days a week and "family" won't help and stay while I go somewhere, they'd just steal my things while I' am gone if they did agree to stay when I went somewhere.
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