He was a teacher. What can I say, my dad loves to talk and talk and talk. We have a few church elders from the cancer care group that are willing to take him to lunch, etc. We host gaming groups here at the house. He likes that. And yet, he was REALLY looking forward to re-marrying after his wife died a few years ago, before his cancer diagnosis that soon followed :( He is a people person. Any ideas would be great. I see that Medicaid covers in home care for just about everything...but at this stage, he still has some quality of life and just wants to socially "visit" with anyone that will listen- not reciprocal talk necessarily- simply listen about his art project (4 foot diameter globe) that is a memorial tribute to him and his wife. Their ashes will be "mixed together" and fit into the base. He has a ton of good stories and is quite the artisan. My hubby and I work full time and have two active teenagers. :)

Thanks everyone for sharing your questions and stories on this forum.


It sounds like Dad needs a friendly visitor daily.  Check with you local volunteer organization and see if they can help.  Here in BC Hospice is different than in the US, and it includes friendly visitors daily, or as needed.  Sometimes the family will use the time the visitor is there to go out for a couple hours.

If he is well enough to get out in the evening, perhaps he could speak at cub scouts, Cadets, the library etc.  Elder College is often looking for speakers too.
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Does the visit have to be at your place? Cancer is different from dementia, in that people are rational and able to move about (until the last stages, obviously). There are many carers on this site who are stuck at home and very lonely - if your father could visit, they would probably be delighted to see him and very capable of whatever care/ lunch/ coffees he needs. Remember Uber and taxis to get him there. Perhaps you could transport him one way, at the beginning or end of the day, for a half day visit. Do your teenagers have driving licences yet?
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I'm so sorry about his diagnoses. You can always post on I’m sure there is a section for senior companions. You might also check with your local senior center and see if he could be a guest speaker.
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