My mom is doing great in rehab PT at nursing home. She should be released any day. Only thing is I have felt like I have a life again with her there and me just visiting daily for about an hour. She can wait to come home and asks me everyday when does she gets to return home.

When she returns she's going to be downstairs in the dining room instead of upstairs in bed room. No more stair climbing because of 95 year old Afib heart.
She is a nice person a I Iove her dearly but I am worn out. I am 52 with an alcoholic husband and 3 kids ages 16, 13 and 9. Mom started living with us full time in 2007. Between making up for my husbands shortcomings and making my mom a priority. I feel my kids get the short end of the stick.
My mom is nearly deaf. Hasn't worn her hearing aids in years because her hearing got worse and she could no longer hear out of the. Shee still does not attempt getting new ones because she "knows" they wont work and doesn't feel she could afford "good" ones. Her deafness at my house was a blessing during my husbands rants but doesn't help her fit in socially at nursing home. She doesn't attend activities and takes all meals in her room.
How do I handle this situation?

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Well, they aren't going to keep her in rehab. But if you make it clear that you cannot continue to care for her in your home, the most likely next step is to move her into the nursing home section. Is that a place you would choose? If it is satisfactory, that is the easiest solution. If you want to explore other long-term facilities that may take a while. Perhaps transferring her within the facility where she is can be a short-term solution.

You have done enough. Visit her often, but leave the hands-on care to professionals.
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I agree. Talk to the Social Worker and have her evaluated for long term. Hopefully, they have long term there and you can transfer her over to that section. This is such a hard decision that I am making now. My Mom is going from an AL to longterm care because there is no longer any money. My Mom no longer participate in anything. She talks, but makes no sense. She eats, sits and sleeps. That is her day.
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Work with the social worker or nurses at rehab and let them know that you will no longer be able to care for her. They will need to help your mom with her next living situation. You have done enough & it sounds like you need to focus on your kids, especially with an alcoholic husband.
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