Mom was on Digoxin for years and since the cardiologist took her off it she has not slept well and her sundowners is markedly worse.

If I switch her Cozaar from morning to night will it make her sleepier at night?

She is in chronic AFib and on coumadin 2.5 daily.

Cozaar 50mg

Lately her CHF has worsened and she is now on 40mg Lasix BID

She has Aortic Stenosis, DM,Afib,Hypertension,

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I’m on Clonidine for hypertension and I understand it’s also a sedative. It does knock me out. But my husband is on Losartan Potassium which I think is the same as Cozaar and it doesn’t make him drowsy at all. He also has CHF and AFib, it is on Eliquis. If it’s a problem and you’re concerned about it, I would speak with her doctor.
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