I have a 90 year old aunt, living in her own home in NJ. She is worried about gifting money to nieces and nephews.

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At 90, if Auntie should need to apply for Medicaid to pay for her care, It would mean she would need to be 95 to be beyond the lookback review for Medicaid if she gifted today.

What is the vibe for her living & financial situation......does she want to downsize, sell her home & move into a CCRC? Is she the Auntie Mame type? Or is she frail & fragile needing assistance living in a too big house? Does she have a solid nest egg mid 6 figures & high value home or a 150k home & 50k savings type? The costs of care whether AL or NH or in home health care is expensive

. Planning for aging can be complex & even more so if there is the thought that funds can be successfully diverted to family. Really your aunt & her DPOA needs to work with a NAELA level of experience attorney and whomever they work with (like financial advisers) to come up with best options for her future.
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Has she already made gifts, or is she thinking about it? If the latter, she could include the bequests in her will or trust, if there are funds left after those expended to care for her. The funds she has should be for her needs first.
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