I am Mom's POA and applied for Medicaid to pay for her care in a nursing home. It's been over two months and the only answer I have is the Caseworker's statement that she is eligible back to October, 2017. Besides trying to get her approved I also need to know is the $450 of her income that I put in her QIT to make her eligible for Medicaid, also make her eligible for Medicare Extra Help for her prescriptions. No agency has been able to answer this for me and I am terribly frustrated. I can't pay her patient liability for January if I pay her prescriptions. The application for Medicaid stated that the state of Ohio had 45 days to approve or deny and we're long past that. Cindy

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Cindy, if you aren't getting any answers from Medicaid, it is always recommended that one make an appointment with an Elder Law Attorney as they how know to navigate the maze called Medicaid. It is well worth the cost.
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I know how frustrating all of this is. I am surprised that the nursing home isn't helping you apply for Medicaid... they normally care more about how and when they are going to get paid more than anything else. I am currently dealing with a similar situation and have been told by her pooled income trust that I should apply for Medicare Extra Help and that her joining the pooled trust makes her eligible for extra help. I have yet to get a response from Medicaid. I know this might sound crazy, but have you called Medicaid and asked about the status of her application? When I did, they had actually approved it 2 days prior and just hadn't sent out the letter. Good luck!!!
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