A few weeks after my father turned 65 he suffered a massive stroke at work and is now paralyzed. He started to receive medicaid a few months after the stroke. We just realized that he also qualifies for disability from his insurance company at that time, Cigna. Right now he pays a spend down of $16 every month to.

Will he lose his Medicaid benefits now? Is it mandatory for him to accept the disability?
Or would the money just go to NY State as a spend down?

If any one can shed light on this I would really appreciate this.

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It probably would be a benifit to call the local medicaide office they might want you to go and see them so you can get the anawers if your office of the ageing has an elder lawyer who donates his time you could talk to himmor her everyone has rules and you do not want trouble down the road Carol I am sure would be able to give you the right answers-as far as I know as least where I live disability is taken until you get on medicare which is very different than medicaide and if you get medicaide you do not need disability as far as I know-I am sure you will get the answers here.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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