Right now mom is fairly sweet and well mannered. I'm guessing she is in the moderate stages of dementia. Just pondering what's to come.

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Too many variables. What type of dementia does she have?

My stepdad was diagnosed with dementia, but died of cancer before the dementia became too debilitating. He was quite childlike, but would say inappropriate things at times.
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There is a saying: "hope for the best, prepare for the worst." And, at the very least, enjoy this phase while it lasts?

What's to come depends on all sorts of things, not least the type of dementia and your mother's underlying, lifelong personality.

Teepa Snow's seminars (Google her) are extremely helpful in explaining some of the common problems and suggesting strategies to cope with them.

May your mother never develop some of the more "interesting" aspects - fingers crossed for you!
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lisajean, here are some excellent articles regarding the different stages of dementia.
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Dementia is a tricky disease. There are some common signs/symptoms that most people will experience however, not every person will behave in the same manner; therefore, making it difficult to determine future behavior.

The way to get the answer you seek is to go to where you can find a list of different stages. This should give you an idea of what to expect and what stage your mom is at.

To answer your question "yes" it will change her disposition. Sorry:(
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