My father is living alone at the moment and can bathe and dress himself, fix a simple breakfast, but needs someone to cook,clean, shop,maintain household duties, do banking, pay bills, and provide transportation, and dispense daily meds and insulin.
I have been doing these things for him for the past 6 years , but I need to work, to pay for my own living expenses. It is impossible for me to seek employment with the amount of care that my father needs. My father has multiple health conditions, diabetes, COPD, PAD, heart disease,and is in afib constantly,has a pace maker, high blood pressure, is incontinent,has arthritis, osteoarthritis and can hardly get get up out of the sitting position, uses a cane due to having broken his hip and balance is a big issue and has degenerative disc disease in his neck and low back.

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It is my understanding that Medicare will only pay for some in-home care via doctor's orders and that the person is certified with an Agency to give the care, or be certified in physical therapy, speech therapy, etc. It wouldn't be full-time, just a couple hours here or there.

Majority of grown children do not get paid to be caregivers for their parent unless the parent pays them from their own pocket. If your Dad can do that, you will need to draw up a work schedule that says how many hours per week, what would be the salary, your duties, and if he or your will pay the payroll taxes.

Otherwise, see if your Dad can qualify for Medicaid. Call your State Medicaid office to see what is available.... some States have a "Cash and Counseling" program that might be helpful. Medicaid could send over an aide for a few hours per week to help out.

Please continue to post here, we all would like to hear from you and offer suggestions regarding your Dad's care.
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