Does anyone know if Medicare or Medicaid pays for a visiting Nurse Practioner to come once a week to an AL if my Mom would need antibiotics?

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You asked a similiar question on March 1. Your Mom is on Hospice. Hospice is now prime caregiver of Mom. If Mom needs antibiotics, the Nurse will order antibiotics. She will either administer them them or have you administer them.

Medicare pays for Hospice. No other healthcare agency will come in when you are already with a homecare agency which Hospice is. Medicare will not allow a second agency to bill them and these agencies know this. Since Medicare is Moms primary and Medicaid secondary, Medicaid will follow Medicare findings.
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No. The nurse at the AL or hospice nurse could ask the doctor for an antibiotic order.
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Medicare won’t. Not likely Medicaid either. Your mom is on hospice so she already has a nurse that visits once weekly.....
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