My second concern is that the assisted living facility has carpeted rooms and hallways so I want to choose the style of wheelchair and/or walker that will be easy for him to use. The new residence is unfurnished so my head is swimming with the cost of all the items he will need.

The hospital he is currently in has provided a wheelchair (quite small & tight fit) and the walker has tennis balls on two of the legs.

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I recently encountered the wheelchair issue with my loved one. Be careful before you order them. What I was told is that they will pay for one, but not both within a twelve month period, unless you have very specific details of why you need both from the doctor.. My LO fell and fractured her spine. She needed a walker for short distances, but a wheel chair for long distances. They paid for the walker, but would not cover the wheel chair. Later, she broke her hand and couldn't use the walker at all, and they sill refused to cover the wheelchair, even with a written prescription and explanation from a doctor. It sounds insane, but we had a terrible time with it and it still hasn't been resolved. Right now, she is using one that her new Memory Care facility is providing. Good luck. I can't address your question about what type of wheelchair that works on carpet.

If you are furnishing your father's room, I would go through the place and see what others have done with their rooms to get ideas. Sometimes you see that things you thought he would need aren't that vital. Try to do it with a rep from the facility. They may have a chest of drawers or table they have on hand they would loan you or sell cheaply. Chat with the staff. It's amazing how sometimes things become available if someone knows you need it. Most of these places do provide beds though, although, if you want your own special mattress, Costco has the best quality for the best price.
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