Can Medicaid and creditors take our house if Mom goes into a nursing home?

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My Mom is 91 and we jointly own a house of less than $70k in value. I've been her caregiver for 20 years, and I am permanently disabled myself and have a very low income. My sister was ill for many years, unable to work, and for 3 years I drained every cent I had saved to pay for her medicine and daily needs. Mom and I both had to use credit cards to survive for food, house repairs, 16 year old car, etc. Hers are worse than mine because she won't pay more than the minimum monthly due, while I'm paying mine down with hard effort. If she goes into a nursing home will Medicaid put a lien on our house even though I'm still living there? Even if we could take her name off the title (I have POA), would they still consider that as her assets because I would now own the house on my own? If she does go into a nursing home, would it be wise to take her name off the title and do a reverse mortgage based on my age alone to be able get enough money to pay off our bills and me be able to continue living here? Would Medicaid claim that as her income? My Mom is horribly mean to me, and I live in stress 24/7 because I'm hanging on by fingernails and can't sleep for all the worry. I'm afraid I'm going to end up homeless. I have no one to talk to, no other family, no one at church to help, and I can't afford an Elder Care attorney. Please help me. I have no where to turn
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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