Please help! Need a resource besides “Mom’s Meals” as they provide prepared meals and deliver gluten free options and other options and bill to Medicaid thru waivers and government insurance programs. I need a supplier to provide gluten free flours, and grain free and the supplier needs to be able to bill Medicaid. Or other way to get her gluten free food items covered by Medicaid billed as medicine as it is medically necessary, thank you for your help and support.

Mom’s Meals works with Medicaid waiver in Colorado and they bill directly to Medicaid for delivered prepared meals for many different needs (including gluten free). There is a blood test to show if you are gluten intolerant, as I don’t advise anyone to have a surgery without considering the cognitive delelopment and the affects long term Anesthia has affected my adult child with downsyndrome who has had 9 surgeries and cognitive development has decreased. We are trying MCT oils in small quantities and easing with wonderful results to focus, wanting to read for hours, instead of color as before, less irritated. After just a few days, but we did get her off most added sugars, most processed foods, and all grains but she does have a little rice, no white potato, similar to paleo diet and we are researching Keto. Since MCT is in breast milk and coconut oil ..looking for more natural things. She is also off all corn, and all artificial colors and artificial sweeteners. (we limit her sugar to little fruit and activia yogurt small quantities, which she's doing well on and Nancy probiotic cottage cheese... even though she doesn’t tolerate milk or lactose she can do these because we healed up a little of celiac being wheat free for 6 months and the probiotics help with the lactose. She loves coconut flour tortillas and against the grain pitas at natural grocery and Premade bakery the best, cleanest, “WAVE THE GRAIN “ look up on internet in Centennial Colorado. Wave the Grain also does dairy free items, and vegan and have done specialty request for myself.

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