What programs/agencies are available in Cleveland, OH?

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Basically Medicaid is limited to providing specific skilled nursing services to those who show a "need" for those services (as determined by an MD who write orders for the specific care) and who are "at-need" financially. The financial situation is almost always that they are impoverished for those services for those over 55. Medicaid - whether for at a facility like a NH or at home for community based services - will require a detailed application on their finances which you have to provide for up to 5 years of details on what their assets & income is and where it has gone to within the past 5 years. For medical, the have to have the medical file to show "need", just being old, forgetful or needing help with ADL's is not enough.

Medicaid is not going to pay for 24/7 care for someone at their house ever. If that is really the level of care that they need, then they need to be in a facility with the technology & registered caregivers who can provide it in order for Medicaid to pay. 24/7 care at home is usually either done by family members for free or private paid by the elder or their family to home health agencies.

If they are on Medicare and ill enough for hospice, then hospice can provide some services & equipment for them at their home. Maybe come in 2 or 3 times a week to monitor their health, assist in bathing, or other palliative care duties. Their visit could be 30 minutes or an hour or so. Will not be 24/7 care ever.
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