It’s a straight forward question. I want to purchase a second home for income rental. I don’t qualify but have the funds to pay the mortgage. Mom definitely qualifies as she has the income. (I gave up my full time job to care for mom that’s why I don’t have the required income). Mom's money will never be touched for any payments whatsoever.
How will Medicaid view this in the 5 year look back period?

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If she has money for a mortgage, why is she going on Medicaid?
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The OP never said she is going on Medicaid. I think the OP is just thinking about the future and the 5 year look back. Her mother has the income for a mortgage but most likely not enough income & assets to pay for long term care.
I doubt that the mortgage company is going to go along with a responsible party that has no vested interest. They want everyone’s name on the deed so they have leverage to hold everyone responsible.

And yes, with her name on the deed and not her primary residence, the home would have to be sold as part of the Medicaid spend down.
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I see some red flags based on personal experience with family and friends.

The first is that you state in your profile that your mother has Dementia, as such she cannot enter into a contract.

Second, if you have no income how do you expect to pay the mortgage? I know you expect to receive rents, but owning a property is expensive and where would you come up with contingency funds for repairs and maintenance? What is a tenant is late paying their rent?

Third, do you have siblings? If yes, then read all the posts here where elderly parents 'help' one of their adult children.

Fourth, if Mum has money, why are you not being paid for care giving?

Fifth, it is not possible for your to guarantee that Mum's money would never be touched. You cannot control that. The bank will. If you miss or are late on a payment, the bank will take it from Mum's account.

Six, what happens when the mortgage comes up for renewal and Mum is perhaps in a nursing home? Or has died?

Seven, have you ever been a landlord?
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It's a question for an eldercare attorney who is well-versed in Medicaid eligibility in your state.

Why isn't your mother paying you for her care?
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