My father has dementia. And he has prostate cancer. He is a veteran.
My mom passed away from cancer two months ago. And the decline that my dad is experiencing has been so rapid.
I would like to be able to sell his house, and his car to help pay for the care he will need.
He can't take care of himself anymore. And needs 24 hour care.

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First, authority under a DPOA arises from appointment by the principal, your father. In order to rescind that authority, your father would have to create a new DPOA, rather than move out of state. But with dementia, he may not be able to legally change it, even if he wanted to.

Second, given the trauma from your mother's death and the medical issues your father has, I think the last thing that would be good for him would be to move from WA to Utah. For someone with dementia and grieving for his wife, that would just be far too traumatic.

Third, the best thing in this situation is what's best for your father, not your siblings.

Fourth, I would immediately contact the VA, or the American Legion or VFW and ask for help in filing applications for assistance for whatever he might qualify for. Research to see if there are veteran's homes in your area and try to find out if they're well run.

Fifth, if you have authority under an Advanced Directive/Living Will, contact his oncologist to determine the stage of his prostate cancer. If it's in an advanced stage, it might be appropriate to consider hospice.

Sixth, your profile states that he's living with you. You could try to get 24/7 care, at least temporarily, until the issue of a placement with higher level of care is found.

Seventh, is the house empty now? Who's maintaining it? Proceeds from a sale might affect his VA qualification, depending on what he's determined to be qualified for.
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