Will I have to reapply for Aid and Attendance for Mom if I move her in with me?

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My mother is currently in Assisted Living. I would like to take care of her myself in my home. I was her caregiver for 14 years before my first husband died and I had to put her in AL. She is currently receiving VA Aid and Attendance. If I move her out of Assisted Living and in with me, will she have to reapply? I know I have to do a caregiver agreement as well. Has anyone lost Aid and Attendance because of this kind of move? I'm in New York State. Please if someone could answer me.

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Many people don't qualify anymore for A&A if they are living in family home. This is because the assisted living costs are included in medical costs in the VA computation for need based aid (A&A). So if her "actual" medical costs are $300 per month and her assisted living is $4,000 per month, they compare the $4,300 total to her income
jjariz - I understand that, but I'm seeing a lot of information about caregiver agreements so that the income she pays me would count as a medical cost. Has this changed? She already qualifies for VA and is getting it. The AL facility is not doing any more for her than what I would do. In fact, they are doing much less for a lot of money.
Jazzermom, about reapplying, I am honestly not sure but my recollection was just that you need to inform them of change of residence or status. So we notified them when Grandpa moves to long term care, but it was Medicaid approval that terminated his benefit. Hopefully you will get a more definitive answer (and definitely double check with your VA volunteer — the VA should give you a contact at a veterans group like the American Legion and VFW who should be knowledgeable about A&A benefits.) But my thought is that it is more likely to instigate a review of her benefit amount rather than requiring you to reapply and start the process from scratch.

Your mom will need just as much care. Like you said, it’s just you who will be providing the care and housing. My grandpa got the full amount living at home. In addition to keeping track of all medical and living expenses (including safety and over the counter supplies) make sure you log all that you do for your mom pertaining to her medical care and activities of daily living. Good luck!

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