My grandma up till very recently has been very healthy has not been in the hospital since I was a child, no dementia, very independent. We have lived together for 11 years. About 3 weeks ago she went a little crazy went to the doctor she had a UTI, overnight hospital stay, then we moved her downstairs away from her upstairs apartment,
4 days later she fell and that resulted in a 4 day hospital stay. She has been home a week and a half. The had paranoia and delusions in the hospital.the first few days home were bad, she is coming back to normal. Except for a few r
Things- she is in content wasn't before hospital. And gets slightly confused such as going to the bathroom on her own, she saw a couple of things that weren't there that has only happened twice. Very tired. Last night I told her to go to the bathroom and a few minutes later asked if we were taking a bath. She is not getting her own meals yet. Thouhj might be laziness as I have hired a caregiver when I am working. Is this normal will she get back to normal?

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I have serious doubts that she will return to 100% function. Old age is often a slow decline, then an event that lands in the ER, followed by another slow decline. Bless you for taking such good care of her.
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Its hard to predict these things. I thought my Mom wasn't going to rebound on a number of occasions after surgeries, falls, diabetic coma et. And this stuff goes back over 15 years. But she always did eventually. She doesn't have dementia so I think she was always motivated to get out of the crappy hospitals and rehabs.

You asked if this was normal for someone 86. Pretty much, yea. But there are the old folks who run marathons. I dislike those people. At 86 I hope to be able to sit in my recliner, drink beer and watch Ice Road Truckers with out wearing adult undergarments.
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Good heavens, your grandmother is 86, it will probably take her months to get back to normal if she can get back to normal. My Mom had a fall that resulted in everything you mentioned including incontinence. A fall jars the body and on an elder that can result in a lot of new medical issues that might never go away.

And it isn't laziness with your grandmother, it is exhaustion. I am glad you hired a caregiver to help her out as she really needs to be watched.

I am surprised that your grandmother wasn't placed in a live-in rehab center for 20 days to help her learn how to balance to help reduce the number of falls.
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