I moved in with Mom and my Brother to take care of them. I have taken care of them in one way and many others since I was 10 yrs old. I am both DPOA for both of them. I am also my brother's Social Security Payee as of 2 months ago.
As some of you may be aware, my Mother is mean, controlling, hateful, etc. I have decided to move out (on my property) to get away from her. I can no longer tolerate this situation.
I need some advice on the best legal way to turn over all or most of my DPOA duties both medically and financially and make sure my special needs Bro. doesn't have to pay back medicaid for something. Mom only has social security and Medicare A & B, D.
Mom's home is paid for and willed to my disabled brother. Even though I am his DPOA, what else would I need to do to keep taxes and other siblings from putting their grimey hands on his house.?
I gave up my home etc to take care of them. At the time I orginally moved in, Mom had taken to her bed. She wouldn't / couldn't bathe, eat, or anything.
She is mobile but feeble. Hasn't fell in over a year. She gets sick when she thinks others are coming over, holidays and the like. Like right now! She really doesn't have Alzheimers symptoms to me. Age related dementia yes . Doctor says she is early Alz. oh well. She has been mean, demanding etc all of her life and is getting worse.
If you will, please advise me or just chat with me. I appreciate anything. I am very lonely and sick right now.
I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year.
If you will ask me questions, I can probably explain better what I am needing.

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Thanks JessieBelle! I have decided to remain my brother's POA because I am so close to him and have watched after him since his birth and to prevent the other siblings(there are 4 of us) from having a toe in.
He cannot afford to live there on his own. There is nothing owed and the property tax is exempt now. What a blessing.
I am his social security payee too, I can keep track of his budget and I will be helping pay his expenses.
My Mother is another story. She is exactly like the posts' about mean moms with personality disorders and expects others to go at her beckoning call. Not anymore.
I am getting a Amish cabin (small) . My parents gave us all a piece of property on their farm. My daughter and husband bought a piece of my property. I will be living on the other side. So beautiful out there.
Therefore, I will be there to check in on them but will have some peace and privacy and they can't fuss about my dog anymore and me.
I am confused on POA and guardian etc. I am reading posts and articles.
I thank you so much for answering my question.. You have helped me immensely. Happy New Year .
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coulditbeme, your brother won't be responsible for your mother's debt. Since the house is willed to him and he is disabled, he qualifies for the Medicaid exception on recovery of a house occupied by a disabled child. The one problem is it he would be able to afford to remain there. Most likely he would qualify for partial or total property tax exemption, depending on your county's law. But there would still be insurance and maintenance. This can be a lot of money. Could he afford that? And could he live there by himself? Something would have to be worked out. I don't know how to protect it if your other siblings should go after it. If the will is sound, however, they shouldn't be able to touch it.

You can resign as POA for your mother. Do you also won't to resign as POA for your brother? Are your mother and brother competent to appoint someone else? The thing there would be to find someone that both they and you trust.
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