She has always had an obsession with weight. And yes, in the past 3 years, her family doctor has been treating her with beginning stages of dementia. Articep has been prescribed by him, but she will not see a specialist. She is very honest about her depression, but her anxiety has hit an all-time high! She practically can’t leave the house. Her latest lab work is all normal. She says she never has an appetite. She lives at home with her husband of 58 years, in a very isolated home. She suffered UTIs for 2 years before finally seeing a specialist who told took her off the antibiotics and got her in a new regiment. Her husband treats her like an involent, “mama can’t, mama will not, she’s not doing good at all”.... I believe he is trying, but he is exhausted, too. I think she has debilitating anxiety and a life long eating disorder, but maybe it’s only the dementia and these are normal characteristics of the illness... help!!!! I keep thinking if she could regulate her diet and treat the anxiety and depression, she could improve, still have memory loss, but at least have her brain be in a healthier state...

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There are a bunch of issues here. Mom and her husband (Dad?) are both in denial. This is why Mom doesn’t want to see specialists (would her insurance cover the visit? I have lousy supplemental insurance) Dad wants to keep Mom an invalid. That’s why he’s saying she’s so sick. Who knows why. There is a disease called Munchausen’s By Proxy where a person says another person, like their child or spouse is always sick.

Both of them need to go to the doctor. Start with their primary care doctor and let them decide where they should go from there. You will need a referral from them anyway. For malnourishment, Mom needs to see a dietician or maybe even a behavioral therapist. Ask the doctor to order home healthcare for them. Someone to come in and monitor them. Being isolated is not good. They may not be able to get help out there. It might not be a bad idea to ask for a social worker to come out and evaluate the situation.
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