Has FTD dementia.60 years old. She still can chew food but liquids have been leaking from mouth. Have kept her alive with forcing food in mouth but now will not open mouth to eat. Has lost a lot of weight.Cannot talk or

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Something to consider, if she doesn't want to, or can't, eat why are you forcing foods down her? She is not going to get well. I know it is hard to let a loved one go, but maybe Hospice is the answer. I have just lost a close friend to Al, and have three other friends with dementia. Since I am 81 I have lost many of my friends and family. As hard as it is, sometimes it is better to let them go. They will go anyway. Hospice is a wonderful service, I wish it had been available when my father and one of my favorite aunts passed away many years ago. I have it in writing and have verbally told my family, if there is no hope of recovery, please let me go.
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Wow, I'd bring her in for a doctor's appointment. Depending upon what the doctor thought, I might ask about hospice. In the AL where my Mom was (memory care) typically residents ended by having soft diets. They blended the food to make it easy for the resident to swallow. And while it seems strange, one of the things dementia patients forget how to do is to chew the food and swallow. Many on this site supplement nutrition with Boost or ensure type products. See if any of these products spark some intake. Keep the amount of food on the serving dish small so it doesn't seem overwhelming. Puddings slide down easily. If she has lost 'a lot of weight' I'd focus on high calorie foods and not worry about the nutritional aspects for right now.
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Mich, I can't advise on this development vs dementia, but I do think that refusal to eat will quickly cause physical problems, including dehydration as well as electrolyte imbalance.

I would take her to the ER, but I would also consider speaking with one of her doctors as it sounds to me as if she's decided to give up. I'm wondering if hospice would be an appropriate consideration?

This is so sad, for someone so very young.
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