She wants me to find them for her.

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My DH keeps asking me for the remote to his Lift Chair and it's in the seat with him, lol. Then he complains because the chair remote won't work the TV and vice-versa. He can be sitting on one of them and I have to find it for him. Ah, the joys of marriage. But it's still better than being widowed to me.

Now, I misplace things all the time - like my coffee mug when I put it down to answer his call - I started just asking God to take me to *whatever* because I don't have time to search. So far it's been working well for several years and counting.

Maybe you'll get a much needed chuckle from my answer.  And, maybe it will help just to know you're not alone in this.

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MinimalFrank, even people without memory issues can misplace things. My ex-husband was like that, just before he ran out the door for work, and I was getting ready for work, I had to stop to hunt for something he couldn't find.
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This is one of the perplexing things when caring for someone with dementia. I help my mother find lost things and don't get onto her about it. Her mind is not good anymore, so she isn't losing things on purpose. It can be irritating when I'm busy or when it happens too much, so I know how you feel.
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