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If you r low income check with Medicaid if u qualify for homecare. Call Office of Aging and see what services they provide.
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It's wonderful that you have concern for your wife, cuz many people we care for don't seem to care about us. If you don't have any other family to ask or help, try asking at your church or senior center, for ideas or assistance. Often, a neighbor would help If they knew you needed it. I enjoyed helping out at my neighbor's house, just for a couple hours twice a week, cuz she was confused & not eating. If duties are divided up, it's really going to help you wife, & it will also be nice for her to have others to talk to. If all else fails, you have to call social services I think. Remember to pray together, so the Lord can work on it💞
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Talk to your doctor about this, that way you can get the ball rolling without having to do it yourself or asking your wife to do it.
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