I heard that the NH takes it all. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers and I was told that it will not be able to care for him soon and he should be admitted to a VA State home or NH. I wa also informed that these facilities will take all his benefits. Is this true? If it is I don't know how I am supposed to survive financially when we have always split the cost of living. Am I entitled to any of those benefits?

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Talk to someone more knowledgeable. Maybe a social worker, or discharge planner, or VA financial person, or Medicaid person in your local office. You may want to get what they call "representative payee" for his SSI checks, which requires you going to your SSI office with documentation of income and disability status. Every state I know of has a way for Medicaid to allow for the "community spouse" (you) to keep enough to pay basic expenses. My dad got Medicaid and we continued to receive his checks as long as I paid the patient portion of his care that they calculated. It was a little more than Mom had left over after all expenses, especially medical co-pays, so we had to tap anything else we could find and to be honest I ended up chipping in some myself at times. But no, you are not supposed to be impoverished in this situation.
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