Mother left alone in her house all night.

End stage is where the body starts to shut down. With ALZ the person goes into a fetal position. Who cares for the person during the day? Is the the woman a danger to herself. Like leaving a burner on. Found wandering and not knowing where she is? If so, call Adult Proection Services (APS) and ask if they can evaluate the situation.
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What do you mean by "end-stage Alzheimer's"?

People would do this because:

They haven't understood the risks.
They have considered the risks but don't agree they are significant.
They are having a crisis and have failed to organise care.
There has been a breakdown in communication, so that each child thought somebody else was "on duty."
There has been a breakdown in relationships, so that each child is blaming either another child or the mother or both for the failure to organise care.

There could be any number of reasons.

Would you like to explain what is worrying you?
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I don't know, why?
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