since i had been since 1998,and have the papers that say so---and never knew it was changed until she was in the hospital???(this year)
I really need some legal advise-
thank you

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You really need to ask her when she changed the POA. If she had diminished capacity, it could be that someone "convinced" her to make the change. In which case, it would not be valid
If you do not agree with the change, talk with your Mom and ask her why she did it. If she does not remember signing anything, or was not aware of what she was signing...have it changed back. To fully protect her, you would have to have guardianship (a more lengthy process) so that the POA will not keep ping-ponging back and forth.
Protecting my Mom's assets has been a big part of what I do for her and it isn't easy. She has this enabling relationship with my sib and the sib is more than happy to be a recipient of her funds! Like we don't have enough to do!
good luck
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Who claims to be her current medical POA and why? Did the hospital show the the 'claimed current medical POA" copy? Have you asked your mother why she changed it or did she change it? I'm not sure of the legal way, but I think this is probably the only way you will find out.
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