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Aimee, how old are you? How old are your parents? Are you very young and living at home with your parents? Are your parents old and you are taking care of them? There is no information on your profile and another post of yours says your Grandma didn’t like it when you misbehaved.

This is a forum and website for people who are caring for their parents. Their parents usually very old and also have health issues and posters are asking how to take care of their aging parents.

If you are very young and you are looking for advice on your relationship with your parents, maybe you could research a site for people your own age.

Or, if you truly are a caregiver for your parents who are elderly and perhaps not healthy, you need to give us more details about what help you need.
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You will need to clarify what your question is, the more information the better others can assist you.
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