She was hopitalized and sent there for p.t., o.t., speech too. they refused to do this. They refused to share medical info with anyone stating HIPPA required absolute secrecy. Not even shared a care plan, no doctors ever dealt with us, only the billing dept. and payee staff they only wanted her bank statements and atm card check book. She was there 45 days and Medicaid was somehow asked to transfer her finances to them which Medicaid did, but it didn't start per Medicaid until June 1, 2021. We took her home June 15, 2021 yet the home claims she owed them for the time she was there. So she can't have her remaining money needed now for her at home. They discharged her in dirty ill fitting clothes not to her taste. I bought her brand new clothes and pajamas by nike and beautifully designed perfect fit costly too. They didnt give them to her. Only 2 pairs of too tight and short pants, and 4 over sized shirts. Only gave her her pain meds 1 maybe 3 times a week, and now I know why she was always in pain. We could only visit in lobby by apopointment only without privacy or peace. They were rude to us, threatened poilice if I hugged her even after state of Nevada reopened fully in June, and mom was begging to be hugged. They have this weight chart they filled in showing she was fluctuating in pounds by 5 in 3 days then 16 in 10 the 2 in 1. diagnosed anorexic althogh she went in at 190lbs. Came home at 190lbs. she looked thinner about 3 weeks in by 10-15 lbs but ... they told Medicaid she had feeding tube but she never did thank god. She went in walking now she can't barely stand up, and ROM is almost nonexsistant.

Was she under an "Implied in Fact" contract?
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JoAnn29 Jun 24, 2021
I don't think this would apply when a NH is involved. The woman getting the treatment has Dementia so cannot enter into a contract or be expected to understand the situation. OP is not related, just someone who cares for the woman like a mother.
To care for this woman you should have POA. Its too late now because of her Dementia so guardianship is needed which will come out of your pocket since it seems she has no money. The NH was in their rights. They cannot give information to anyone who does not hold a POA or the patient has not listed on the HIPPA form. Since she has Dementia she could not list you.

I really doubt that Medicaid paid for her total care. They are a secondary insurance to Medicare. Medicare pays 20 days 100%, her 21st to 45th day they pay 50%. The other 50% is paid by Medicaid. Was she on Medicaid as her secondary before she went in or she had to apply for it? Sounds to me she had to apply for it since her bank info was asked for. Seems to me the NH was doing the application, Medicaid not the NH was asking for bank info. They have to make sure that no large amounts of money have been withdrawn from her account. Medicaid for health and Medicaid for a NH are two different things. So if she had it for health, they applied for care in a NH.

Now her clothes. Lets say rehab did her laundry. Did you put her name in her clothing or you allowed them to do it? If you put her name in the clothing its possible the tags or ink came off in the wash. This would be how her clothes got lost. If you allow them to put the tags in they do not come off. It takes reheating of the tags to remove them. So what do they do, they take clothes that have been donated to dress residents who don't have families. Laundry at Moms NH also a rehab is done daily not by room. They put the dirty clothing in plastic bags and throw them in bins. Residents clothes are washed together. I always took my Moms clothes home to wash putting a note on the door of the closet, "family will do laundry" and supplying a laundry basket. For rehab I took no more than 3 outfits in at a time. At her NH I found the residents were clean and free of smells, so I allowed them to do her laundry. And they did her tagging. You never take good anything to a rehab or NH.

I think the problem is that you were not allowed into the "loop". And because of this it was not explained to you how things work and what they did in way of her care. Before you go thru this again you need to see a lawyer. There maybe a way to work around the cost of guardianship but as long as you have nothing in place, your going to go thru what you did every time she winds up in a rehab and hospital.

Mom should receive statements from Medicare showing what they covered. If Mom was excepted for Medicaid, they should pick up the balance. I have never seen medicaid send out statements.
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I’m not sure about Nevada, but I do know that our state doesn’t regard “Spiritual Mother” as a HIPPA sanctioned relationship, and in some states, (mine) individual residences legally established their own guidelines because of specific patterns of infection.
Hoping she is doing much better in your care.
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You ask why this facility is not "listed". I think you misunderstand what this Forum it. It is merely caregivers giving advice to other caregivers or seeking advice.
Care plans and medical information is shared ONLY with those who are MPOA or guardians or conservators of the patient involved unless patient is competent and gives written request that information be shared with family. Medications (pain and other) is given according to MD orders.
I am sorry for your bad experience with this facility. My good friend is in rehab now and having quite the dreadful experience as well. I hope you will make your complaints on papers and follow up with the facility.
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JoAnn29 Jun 24, 2021
You can put in your state and facilities are listed. Must not be on the list.
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You need to file a complaint with the state ombudsman and the Joint Commision on Nursing Home Accredidation.
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