Not being a fan of broad statements - especially those that sweep large segments of a population into a generalized poor light - I did some quick looking on the internet to try to find a few facts.

I saw a couple studies that were just a couple years old. One from an organization connected to The United Nations.

Of the ten countries listed as “worst” to be living as an elderly individual, six were in fact, African nations. The other four were mainly Middle East.

Reasons listed for being considered in such poor standing were:

Overall, a short life expectancy much past 65 - for various reasons.

Little to no retirement plans or
pensions for elderly individuals once they can no longer earn an income.

Little educational opportunity.

Still, I hate to see such a broad generalization or stereotype - especially in regards to underdeveloped and/or poor
countries that continue to struggle with civil wars, AIDS epidemics, corrupt governments, etc. I expect many are just trying their best to make it through the day.
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I think it varies enormously, doesn't it? - just like Africa itself.

Looking at your profile, I wonder if you will find this article interesting - - it's from 2015, and I hope it will help you find others working in the same, very important field.

I would also note that there might be more caregiving professionals at work throughout Africa if affluent countries didn't entice them away. But I admit at once that this is not a simple issue with a simple answer.
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JoAnn29 Feb 6, 2019
My daughter has worked here in the US with a number of African health workers. Mostly CNAs. Surprises me that they relocate here for a job that pays $10 starting pay. Some are men.
Africa is a continent not a country. Within the continent there are many different cultures, religions, social structures, and socioeconomic groups. There are areas that have been ravaged by war, AIDS, drought and economically successful regions and countries.

So when you ask a blanket question about such a large diverse continent, there is no way to answer it.
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FFTESS, the caregivers and Aides I have had a chance to meet who were from Africa, mainly Ghana, were extremely caring to both my parents who lived here in the States. Could it be that good caregivers are emigrating to the U.S.?
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Most of our Members are from the US. Then Canada and the UK. Then a smattering of other countries.

Caregiving is very hard. And the responsibility that goes with it can be overwhelming. (taking care of the home, grocery shopping, handling the finances) I only did hands on for 20 months and was stressed out. My Moms gone and I am still dealing with a house that is falling down. There r people on this forum that have been doing it for years. Its a thankless job and some have to deal with verbal abuse.

What you are doing is great. Hopefully you can find resources for these people.
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That would be a cultural question you would know the answer to better than any of us. I hope you find the forum helpful!
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