My 72 year old Aunt thinks very highly of herself and the life she thinks she has lead. She tells very strange stories and they are starting to worry me. I was recently told, by her, that she was abducted by aliens and has alien DNA. She also says these aliens live in her lake. Previous to this story was the story about the gnome with the red hat that came to life at night, caused all sorts of problems, and even gave her dog cancer. She told me she buried it upside down on the island and covered it with salt.

These stories are getting worse. She lives alone and says she is depressed. One minute no one talks with her EVER and the next a handsome police officer visits her every night.

She also does things that can get her hurt very badly because she says no one will help her with the "man work". She smashed her hand this summer and is now convinced she has a disease that only the Germans in her family has.

I am concerned for her but she is a stubborn lady and wont listen to anything unless she agrees to it. Why would she be telling such crazy stories and what should I do about it?

Or, she is in the beginning of Dementia or has UTI if this is recent behavior.
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Um.....short answer, she's demented. That's not a nice sounded word, but it means she's not hitting on all cylinders.

A good physical and a geriatric check up wouldn't go amiss.

My OB was convinced he was Jesus, come back to save the world...among other things. He was paranoid delusional--and that's from just the one or two visits he'd actually agree to go to. He thought he could raise and lower his BP, blood sugar and cholesterol levels with "mind think". He died about 7 years from a massive heart attack/stroke due to untreated HBP and cholesterol problems. So, no, I don't think he was Jesus.

Could be a bad reaction to a med, so yes, that should be checked out first.

But honestly? Sometimes people just "go crazy". That's a bad DX, but it seems to cover a lot of ground.

No sense asking WHY does she say what she does. This is her reality and she's talking about it. We all do it, we just don't say we have alien DNA.
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What medications is she on? They may be the culptit. Talk to the pharmacist.
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Sara1973 Jan 11, 2019
She has been taking vicodin regularly for years now. She doesn't start her day without one. According to her the doctor says she's not an addict just dependent.

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