My dad (will be 81 this December) is in an Alzheimer's/Dementia section of a local nursing home. He has suddenly started to think that 1) the medical section on the 2nd floor is a brothel, 2) the staff insist he must select one of the women residents as a sexual partner, 3) because he does not want to do that, he thinks his nurse wants to marry him. He has had prostate surgery and is probably impotent and has been widowed since Feb., 2001. Is this something common to Alzheimer's / Dementia patients? Sorry if this is a troublesome topic, but we are looking for answers.

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ElderSon, this happens. The part of the brain that thinks about sex -- a basic function -- is often not damaged, but the cerebrum can be. So thoughts about sex that are twisted into an altered reality are fairly common. It sounds like what is happening to your dad. It isn't his fault, though I know it's embarrassing. People in memory units should know how to deal with it.
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He probably always had some preoccupation with his fantasies, but now he can no longer filter out the socially inappropriate remarks. Nursing homes are bustling with the dating game. Here in NY, the DOH statistics record new cases of STD's and most are coming from a nursing home setting.
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