Why doesn't my mom qualify for Medicare?

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My mom has only a little furniture and some books and housewares in a small apt; she gets about $1300 a month in SS and that's all. SS says she doesn't qualify for medicare.... why would that be?

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Dear Mally,

I am not sure about the exact requirements in each state. But I would call Medicare and speak with a rep about your mom's situation and see if they can help with more details.
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For Medicare or MEDICAID?

You get Medicare in the US when you turn 65 and you've worked enough number of years (don't know what the requirement is).  There is no need to be poor; it's a program for ALL folks over 65.

Medicaid is for folks who are poor and have little in the way of assets.

Did you mother APPLY for Medicaid, i.e., did she complete the very complicated application and submit it to her state's Medicaid Agency?  Or is she relying on what someone told her?

She might not qualify for "dual" overage...Medicare and Medicaid .. but with that low income I am sure she can get a lot of premium assistance on ACA (Obama care). She should go on the website and enroll...see what can be done.
You do know that Medicare only covers hospitalization and that she has to pay for doctors and medications under separate parts of the policy? This has nothing to do with how and where she lives. Does she even qualify for nursing home care?
Thank you all! She probably was only told she didn't qualify, and though I tried to ask her about it, she stonewalled me, and continues to do so. I do know she has co pays on her credit card, which was up to about $2,000, and she was concerned, but she is paying it off and doing without other things some. She tells me nothing and will not allow me to help; I was just concerned and wondering. She is a little forgetful lately, but says it is just her pain meds, which it may be, and her doctor just retired, so no one to consult, if they would even tell me anything.... oh, well..... think I'll MYOB.
Oops! I think I mean MMOB; I don't want YOU all to mind your own business....
Dear Mally; I'm sorry you're going through this and that mom isn't sharing information. I'm going to assume that you don't have POA.

Go to the library or bookstore and get a copy of a little book called "Five at 55". It's about the 5 documents that EVERYONE should have in place by the time they are 55 years old.

Use it to start a conversation with mom. Perhaps talk about going to a lawyer to get your own ducks in a row and ask if she wants to tag along to do a POA for herself.

A lot of women allow money matters to scare them. Talking about money makes them feel incompetent, or they think perhaps something that they've done already will seem foolish if they are talking to their adult children.

I think it's worthwhile to try to start a nonthreatening conversation with your mother about what her plans for the future are and if she'd like you to be in on the planning.
Mally1, as others have stated upthread, are you actually asking about Medicaid, not Medicare. Medicare is not really a benefit based on income and assets. You might look for a website in her state that lists the required cut off on monthly income for Medicaid. Also, you might consult with an expert in your state to see if there are exceptions, if her monthly income is too much. It seems that in some states, if the applicant is disabled and needed extraordinary care, like Memory Care, there may be exceptions.

Is she in need of help with medical bills or long term care?
She has a social worker, who is doing a great deal for her, but they did tell her she doesn't qualify for medicaid in this state. She has Medicare parts A&B, but many medical co-pays this last year, and an ambulance ride - all of which went on the credit card. She tried to negotiate the ride, but didn't get much off of her share; even though my husband works for them as an AEMT..... No idea what would happen if she has to go to AL or NH, but wouldn't her social worker, new DR., and weekly RN manage that somehow? I certainly haven't been involved, by her choice, though I live here. We have a difficult relationship, tho it's better now than it was - and to those of you thinking of keeping a parent at your home who you do not always get on with, DON'T; it made things much worse and went on for 3 years.... I do pass on to her things I learn about help with co pays and such, but never get feedback or a real answer if I ask, sigh.... guess I don't know what else to do - maybe nothing?
Thanks again you all; not sure I want to work with her on any of this if she would let me, but I hate to see things so hard for her....

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