My grandma is on hospice ANC within days of proballt the end, she is in our home that we shared and I care for her. A little background my grandma did weddings, she did them for pretty much everyone in our church. My grandparents best friends the husband was a welder and made her an arch for her weddings. He also made another one thst he had for his house that matched. All my memories growing up we're with this faintly in our lives and helping my grandma with the weddings and thst arch. About 2 years ago this mans heirs found out through the grapevine who had the arch and started calling my grandma wanting thst arch, she said no, henna yesterday they came to my house and asked since she us dying if honey can have the arch. I had always plan ok keeping it, but wow people suck. Then my cousin started telling me waft she wants of grandma's really I can't deal with people and there greedy attitudes.

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Cory, tell them all in no uncertain terms that nothing will be discussed until she passes and when they violate that rule, toss them out.
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Sorry about yen spelling errors on my phone.
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