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Parkinsonism is a serious disease and sadly, often results in death.
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I agree with Grandma1954. I'm not sure what medical condition you mom has but sounds like it could be one of many. Dementia.....frustration (and sometimes they don't even know). Parkinson' could be the start or middle of Lewey Body Dementia that goes along with Parkinson's. Sundowners? Is she in a facility or living with you? Could be medications that she's on. I would discuss this with her dr. as soon as possible to get a handle on this. It can be alarming when it happens with an adult vs a child but still needs to be addressed. Good Luck and God Bless
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Have a hidden camera put in your mother's room Things of the kind your mother complains about really happen some times. It came on all the news here in Canada: a husband had doubts about the treatment his wife received in a very good nursing home, so he had a hidden camera put in his mother's bedroom. The nurse was fired and his wife was OK. By the way lately she was also re-hired!!

Probably your mother throws fits but I would first like be sure that they are only fits. I am 90 and I hope to never need to go to a nursing home and I have been taking care by myself of my husband with Alzheimer for 12 years. No need of a nursing home yet but should the time come that he'll have to be moved out I'll make sure that a hidden camera reports to me all that happens in that room. Better safe than sorry.

I hope you find the right solution for your mother's problem and both of you will be able to relax and enjoy each other's company when you visit her, without complaints.
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Try to envision yourself in her position, having lost control of your own personal affairs, having to put your trust in others to tend to personal needs including eating, hygiene, entertainment, communications, etc... I believe that if this was me I'ld be throwing more than a fit.
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The same reason a child throws a fit.
They can not fully express what is a current problem. Particularly if they are non verbal or with Dementia and can not find words to express themselves.
They need something
They want something
They are scared
They are angry
Throwing a fit deflects a current situation and redirects you. (I don't want to take a shower..I throw a fit....after a while you give in...)

Better answers will come if you can figure out when and why they occur.
Is she tired, hungry, wet, soiled?
Is she scared? Hallucinations can be common. Some frightening some not
Is she in pain?
If you can pinpoint the when you may figure out the why and be better able to deal with the situation.
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There are times when my mother throws fits too. I believe it is because she gets frustrated due to the fact that she is older and can't do the things she used to.
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When do these fits occur? How recently did they start? How long has she had Parkinson's? Have you discussed this behavior with her doctor?

Give us a little more information so we can respond more helpfully.
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