Mom had shoulder replacement surgery last Sept. and slept a lot during the day afterwards. It has gotten worse! She has always been an "energizer bunny" and not one to sleep more than a nap after lunch. Now she can take long naps and then falls asleep in her chair right after supper. She is diabetic but it's under control. She says she has no energy and could just sleep the day away. She is not depressed and has lots of friends. She also does swim aerobics 3 times a week. She has sleep apnea and has used a C-Pap machine for over 10 years. She gets it checked yearly. My main concern is that it all started after her surgery and has only gotten worse!

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You need to call her doctor. Low potassium levels could cause this problem. So can high levels of Blood Pressure meds. Is she still on a med prescribed by the hospital that she no longer needs?

If Mom was in any kind of pain while in the hospital, her BP would have gone up. So they give her medication for it or up what she is already on. Once the pain is gone, they don't seem to lower it. So the person feels sluggish. Hapoen to both my husband and my Mom.
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