Mom is 87 and lives at home. She worries alot; especially the past. What ifs, shoulda, coulda, wouldas all the time. She does okay, then if she and I begin to discuss something that is upsetting to her, liking going to the doctor, she begins that uncontrollable mouth trembling, and words she is trying to speak, start to shake. Is anyone experiencing or have experienced anything like this?

onlychild, some of what your Mom is going through is stress related.

My gosh, even I, myself, had the voice trembling due to the stress of helping my very elderly parents. Everyone could hear it in my voice.

The late great actress Katharine Hepburn had a voice trembling as she got older. My late Mom's voice started to sound like Katharine's once my Mom got into her 80's.
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Ugh, you made my nervous tic come back.

My mother used to start her dry irritating cough bouts. Did she want a cup of tea? Yes please that would lovely. Why had she not used her walking frame? - cough cough cough cough cough...

I expect it's stress, actually. These poor ladies' brains are already under pressure, we add in a difficult emotion, presumably that's the trigger.

It is extremely trying. I do not know the answer, just sending hugs and sympathy.

PS With the doctor's appointments, I should go right ahead and make the appointment - if she wants to cancel it or she won't go then you can reschedule, but the chances are she'll go with the flow especially if you can keep everything calm and gentle and matter of fact.
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onlychild55 Feb 26, 2019
Thank you
Most likely, she has anxiety issues and bringing up these topics is very upsetting to her. Continuing to discuss these things with her and not redirecting to more pleasant topics could bring on a full-blown panic attack. When you see this happening, change the subject. If you know a subject will upset her, avoid it entirely.
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onlychild55 Feb 26, 2019
Thank you; she refuses meds or going to a doctor. Is this any sign of early dementia?

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