If a young or middle aged person needed to stay in a rehab facility, they won’t be going to a seniors only place..? Why can’t an elder go to a place with all ages?

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I have never heard of a senior only rehab by design. Maybe in a huge city there may be separate ones, but the ones Mom has been in had a mix of ages, but they did tend to be middle aged to elderly. The younger ones perhaps opt to take their PTs at home, since they may be more compliant patients and have more support at home to get better. Or perhaps their stays were shorter and they came and went quickly.
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The two rehab places my mom was in before she was placed in a Nursing Home were indeed for adults of all ages.

My mom complained once that " everyone is getting better but me".

We pointed out that a 45 yo recovering from knee replacement has a shorter course of therapy than a 90 yo who'd had a stroke.
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I don't have statistics or anything scientific to go on, but my strong suspicion is that it isn't so much that elders are sent to seniors-only places as that rehab patient populations are massively dominated by people from older age groups.

So, for example, I have from time to time heard of younger people who've suffered strokes or brain injuries and need to be in rehab for some time getting extremely depressed because their fellow patients are all twice their age.

The exception, again I'm only guessing, would be very specialised units for military personnel and spinal injuries units - their populations would tend to be much younger (think extreme sports) but also to have different injuries with different causes.

Um. Let me try to ask this delicately... are you enquiring about this because your loved one is digging her heels in about being sent to a place she hates because it's "full of old people..."? She wouldn't be alone in her feelings.
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Where I live there are only separate rehabs for children as the equipment is smaller. The main rehab is for adults, but I do not live in a big metropolitan area. I could see having age related rehab just because elders may have additional age related needs needs that may need special staffing or gear.
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