This is basically a general question, but have heard of it by several people who are caring for their loved ones.

Thanks so much hgnhgn. There is a family member who is trying to get money every time they're together. Some things are being put in place now so it won't happen any more, but it seems like it's an effort to try to stay on top of all this because of so many other health issues with the older family member. This money should be kept for future medical issues, home nursing care, etc. If it keeps going, there won't be any left for the care needed. Thanks again.
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unforgettable, if the person was being raised during the Great Depression they learned that saving money was so very important. I was glad that my parents instilled that into me.

One thing that didn't make sense was when I would do grocery shopping for my parents, and if they found they were overcharged by a dime, they wanted me to take the product back to the store, along with the receipt and get that dime back. Hello, I would use more in gasoline then a dime, not counting in my time. So I quickly learned not to go back to the store, but later use my own dime, and scribble on the receipt that the error was corrected :P

hgnhgn, my Dad was that way, just mention "money" and his ears would perk up. When I found my parent's will, which was older then dirt, Dad didn't want to spend the money to have new Wills made. Out came my "therapeutic fib" to which I told Dad that with today's laws, the Commonwealth would take half of his estate, so he better get a new Will made. It worked !! We were now sitting in front of an "Elder Law Attorney".

Later down the road, Dad moved to Independent Living, and when it was time to move him to Memory Care, out came my "therapeutic fib" as I told Dad that studio apartment will be cheaper [it wasn't] then his 2 bedroom apartment, he was happy with his new "dorm room". I was afraid I would be hunting all over the metro area for a cheaper facility.
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My thought...
We are taught money from the time we were little, from the chores we started doing at home to the very career we ended with.
Every person understands money, it doesn't matter what country you are from, if you are disabled, homeless, rich - money talks and it talks LOUD!
I can talk to my Daddy (he has Alz) about anything and he will forget it or not understand what the heck I am trying to tell him... however if I use the word money and attach it to the activity or whatever we are talking about he will remember it. Example, he was sending money to my cousin (cash in an envelope wrapped in a letter) I told him over and over not to send cash in the letters (I would check the letters before they would be sent then I would write a check) I finally asked why are you sending her money - he said she needed it... REALLY (sarcasm) then why is it she has a two thousand dollar computer, fancy six hundred or more dollar TV with hundred dollar or more a month cable plus a fancy six hundred dollar cell phone? He stopped sending her money -- oh and the letters stopped coming from her. (A fifty cent stamp was getting her 30 to 40 dollars a month)
Great question!
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