My mom wanted me to move in with her to help her and of course I did. Now she's very abusive towards me, wants me to leave and doesn't want to hear of anything I have to say.

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My mother wanted my BF and I to move in with her because she needed help paying the bills, take care of the house, and for me to get my strength back. The second day we were in her house her ego and her power trip went into full speed and I saw a side of her that I have never seen. I thought and still do think it was because my dad passed away, just when I thought of telling her where she could go, I realize she had dementia. Now, looking back at what my dad was trying to tell me (when he was alive) and her weird behavior it started to make sense.
I never got along with my mother, we had a few good times, but mostly bad. She shouldn't of had kids.
I think their mean behavior is part disease, and part of away to push us away from them (at least in the beginning). No one knows why they get nasty it is just the way the disease works on the brain.

I feel your pain, and I am sorry that you are going though this. It can be very confusing and painful.
May God keep you safe and in His hands.
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Why has your mother turned against you?

Or, what ought you to do now?

The first question, if your mother has advancing Alzheimers Disease or other dementia, is that your mother hasn't turned against you. Her thinking and her feelings have been damaged by the disease, and she is lost and afraid. It isn't her, and it isn't you. It's the disease.

What you want to do about it depends on so many things we won't know where to start. Could you say a little more about what has been happening, and what you think your options might be?
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Could you give us a little more information? Why did your mother want you to move in with her? Is your mother ill or declining due to age? Could you move out to a place of your own and help her from there? She might be more appreciative if you were not there all the time.

Generally speaking is it not good to stay with a person who is abusive to you. Has she been like this all your life? More information will help people to give more useful answers.
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Good Question. ALZ disease just seems to have this characteristic. I remember hearing bad things from my mother that I never heard before she had dementia.
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