I had to ween my mother off moraphine and xanex after her being prescribed them for years. Her outlook and mood became much better after cleaning her up from these drugs. She is old half blind and has a hard time hearing. She shows signs of dementia and I would imagine it sucks really bad to be old. That is a sad affair in itself.

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Family Dr through Group Health. My mother had broken her shoulder and arm once upon a time while on a drunken stoop-per and was put on the moraphine for pain and xanax for anxiety because of the broken arm anxiety. This all happened in her 70's. When she lost her vision to Macular and pain from a rupture disk I moved her in with me and slowly took her off those medications. Regrets I have are we built a mother in-law cottage in our back yard and put a first alert around her neck incase anything happened to her while alone in her cottage. I now regret her pushing that button and cheating her out of her natural death. She had a heart attack. and was on hospice for a while. We eventually took her off her blood pressure/cholesterol, medicines and she got healthier and healthier. Energizer Bunny! Next month she has an appointment to see about a hearing in-plant. She is now 89 with moderate dementia. No more pills just 2 Tylenols twice a day. Healthier pshycologicly but wants me to entertain her now. And this is a problem LOL. The drugs I had notice caused insecurity or a bit of psychosis in her. Sporadic dramatic mood swings
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Most Dr's like to prescribe medications for just about anything and everything. And I'm not just talking for the elderly either. It's an easy out for them. They do serve a purpose in some situations, but as a whole, they are widely abused(by Dr's) for sure. I hear all the time on my local caregivers support group, about when a caregiver decides enough is enough with all the medications their loved one is taking, and usually how much better, and more clear minded their loved one is after either cutting back or going off them completely. It's a shame for sure, and you definitely hear about it more in the elderly. That is why my personal Dr. is a holistic Dr. and prescribing drugs is his very last resort.
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lealonnie1 Jan 2021
I went to Italy in the late 90s with my son on a Perillo all inclusive 2 week tour. There was a family of 4 on the trip with us, the parents & 2 talkative children. The kids told us all about how their dad, a doctor, had WON this trip for the family to Italy from prescribing the most medication out of the entire medical practice for the year, so the trip was his PRIZE from the drug manufacturer! I was livid to hear this story, I really was. When daddy heard his kids telling us the story, he chuckled and nodded his head in agreement, yep, he won the prize that year indeed, but God knows how his PATIENTS fared in the deal, huh? :(
Omg, lol, I have been thinking the same thing today. I had a Zoom guardianship hearing today, the person has Parkinson's psychosis. Dr and judge think maybe if she goes on a $4k drug which will make her wounds worse and may kill her off is a better alternative than placement and proper care. Some things are just insane.
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What kind of doctor was prescribing morphine and xanax?

Morphine is a powerful painkiller. What is she using for pain relief?

Xanax is generally for anxiety. Is she still showing signs of anxiety or agitation?

A consult with a good geriatric psychiatrist should be sought if the needs meds for behavioral or emotional issues.
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