IF I find that I must place my mom, who currently has moderate dementia (but has been getting progressively worse fairly quickly), has a history of cancer (3 times - lost a kidney to, and 2x breast and possibly a 3rd time... waiting for a biopsy, and diabetes) in a health care facility, WHO/WHAT KIND OF FACILITY would take and care for her when her only form of income is 1,000 and change a month and family members also depend on SS to survive?

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You or moms dpoa & Mom needs to gather up the documentation to show she's "at need" both medically & financially to become eligible for Medicaid. And Medicaid provided in a NH unless your state does AL waivers (so Medicaid will pay for the AL) as your thinking she need to be in a facility.

There's lots of previous posts on this site as well as articles. I'd suggest you make yourself a big pot of coffee or pitcher of your favorite adult beverage and read through these making notes & ?'s along the way. Oodles of advise & from way different perspectives. This way you can post more narrow & specific ?'s later for your moms situation.
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