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This is a age old question! For those of us without children or close relatives, we know we will face this question. Forget the financial aspect, SOMEONE has to be in charge! My husband did this for an aunt he wasn't previously close to. I took care of things for a close friend. We all have to be thinking of these questions!!
With financial resources the person can hire a geriatric care manager. Or, move to a continuing care community where there are a lot of resources. All too often, a senior declines and it is the neighbor who notices and doesn't know what to do!! We see many folks in facilities --- hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes that have NO ONE to help them out. It is scary!
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Here in the States we have a State run program called Medicaid.   Medicaid is there to help any elder who cannot afford to pay for continuing care.   Depending on the elders health issues, Medicaid will pay for nursing home care.  There are also other programs.

Now, if the elder has money, it is up to that person to use that money to get help, such as professional licensed caregivers who come into the home to do whatever needs to be done.   Once the money runs out, then the elder can apply for Medicaid, which is paid for by the State taxpayers and some Federal funds.
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