The elderly still has living siblings but no one wants to take responsibiiity. Who is legally and financially responsible?

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If the elderly relative has assigned a financial and healthcare POA, and that person has accepted the assignment, then that person is responsible for seeing that the elderly person has adequate care. They are NOT responsible for providing that care themselves. For example, the healthcare POA may find a suitable care facility and the financial POA will work out how it is to be paid for, including starting the Medicaid application process if that is appropriate.

The POAs do not have to be related to the elderly person at all.

If the elderly relative is not incompetent to assign POAs it can be done now, but the person selected has to be willing to accept the assignment.
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No one. The resources of the elder themselves should be used for their care. Not even adult children are legally or financially responsible for their parents' care.

What are the financial resources of the elder? Have they appointed anyone power of attorney for financial or medical needs?
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