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not sure of your dads age and or health conditions, or how much care he needs.

depending on his problems/age, it can be a 24/7 job. and eventually one that becomes unmanageable for you

once a parent gets to that stage where either AGE or HEALTH effects them living alone, there probably needs to be a POA.

you may want to give more info on your dad. caring for parents can get very care and financially
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Families typically don't get paid for caregiving unless the parent pays you directly.
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Laws vary from state to state. But I can tell you that even if your state has caregiver funds, it’s not much. If your dad is a vet, try applying for Aid and Attendence. Dad can pay you from his own funds if you draw up a caregiver agreement. You’ll need to consult with an attorney to make sure it’s a binding contract. And you’ll probably have to pay taxes on that income. If you don’t and Dad goes on Medicaid, they will consider that as gifting.

Also, don’t leave yourself without healthcare or retirement savings.

When I investigated getting “paid” to be my husband’s full time caregiver, I found out I’d get $40 a week from the state. They suggested a Reverse Mortgage.
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