Who do I contact about volunteering to give caregivers time off?

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I would like to know who to contact about being a volunteer to give family caregivers respite. I am in Fort Worth, TX.

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Bless you for being so kind! You might start with your local Area Agency on Aging. They can probably put you in touch with agencies and facilities seeking volunteers.

Thank you for wanting to do something like this. Respite and just getting a break now and then is a lifesaver for the caregiver.
How generous of you to ask about this....!! I just got a call this week from a lovely lady who is a "volunteer" with the hospice organization that is helping with the care of my mother (who is in the Memory Care unit at the assisted living facility). She will be visiting my mom once a week and asked all about her, what she likes what her needs are... I mentioned that it's very scary for my mom to go to the in-facility beauty salon and when I saw my mom last week, her hair seriously needs washing and a hair cut. She said she would be happy to escort my mom to an appointment and sit there with her until it done (that's the problem I've had with asking mom's church friend to take her to a hair appointment... she and no one else has the time to stay with mom and then help escort her back to her room). I was sooooo happy to get this call. Just another idea for you - check in with a good local hospice organization about being a visiting volunteer. Believe me, the old person and their family will be deeply grateful... if this is something you can do. XOXO
Check online for community volunteers, I volunteer thru interfaith community services in my area and respite sitting is one of the things we do, as well as rides and food delivery.
Thank you for your responses.
Kind regards,
I did hospice volunteering for a couple of years. One of our best services was respite for caregivers. You don’t do hands on caregiving, not trained for that, but just an hour or two of visiting gives the caregiver a much needed break. Look for a non profit hospice organization in your area. They always need volunteers.
Very nice idea.

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