I am in a common-law relationship for over 30 years my partner is currently in an inpatient rehabilitation program for 6 months. He is diabetic and over the last year he has been getting seizures as often as twice a month. The medical care he is receiving is through the VA and that is at a cost of $550.00 a month. He has been diagnosed with Hepatitis B also with PTSD. His loss of hearing together with some of his illnesses has caused him to not be able to drive and prepare meals. I have not been employed outside of the home since my father passed away last October, I had been carrying for my dad and my partner and father of my son is going through the same issues. I need help with financial. I was told that there are programs that can pay a family member for assistance. I am sorry to sound so blunt but I never imagined being in this situation. Any help is greatly appreciated..

Thank you

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Irma, common law wives do not qualify for Medicare or VA spousal benefits. But certainly your partner and the father of your son should be getting Medicare and possibly Medicaid. You didn't list your state, so the best I can tell you is to contact your county social services. If your son is under age, he may also be entitled to services.
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