I attend activities at a couple senior centers and I know that I must dress warm but even so, seniors are much more likely to be cold than younger people. I constantly hear complaints from the older folks of how cold they are and many are wearing jackets inside the centers. I can understand the need to save on the cost of heating in the winter but running the air conditioning so high in the summer makes me wonder if that is really necessary. Word is that the centers have no control over the temperature. Although there may be a couple who are too warm, the vast majority are too cold. I believe something needs to be done to address this situation. The centers I attend on a regular basis are Millersburg and Herndon.

Are you referring to the senior community center?

I read something one time, could be different now, that said germs can't reproduce as efficiently in a cold environment and it is intentionally kept cold in certain environments to help slow the spread of illness. Makes sense to me. Maybe that is their reasoning.

I would much rather try to get warm then be so hot that I was sweating, 1st, you can only get so naked in public and 2nd, a room full of people that are bathed 2xs weekly all sweating it up. Whew. That could be very unpleasant for everyone.
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freqflyer Nov 8, 2019
I was thinking the same thing. The hospital where I volunteer is quite chilly, even for me who loves the cooler weather, and it makes sense why they do that.
Someone at the senior center MUST be able to adjust the heat and AC.

Keep going up the chain of command.
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HbS17104 Nov 9, 2019
I wish I knew who to go to. My mother won't go to the senior center where she lives because it's just too damn cold for the seniors.
You can always add layers of clothing or a blanket if cold--but if you are too hot, then there's nothing to do except sweat. I've seen individual room heaters in some facilities so the resident can have the room the temp THEY want.
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I've never encountered that before. All of the rest homes, AL and MC's that I visit are very warm, both in winter and summer. They keep it warm due to residents wanting it warm, I think. I guess it's different in your area.
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Riverdale Nov 8, 2019
I agree. The 2 AL facilities my mother has been in are very warm. We are in SC and my mother wears sweaters all year round but I think it is due to her body temperature. I have never felt cold visiting.
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