Sister filed conservatorship petition for mom, 88, with dementia. Until recently, I was sole caregiver for mom for almost 20 years. I just got a copy of the petition and proof of service. The petition references other confidential attachment documents that are not included in my copy. There are obvious errors in some of the details on the petition. Example - mom's estate is valued at less than 10 percent, which I think affects the amount of the bond my sister should be posting. Since my sister took over my mom's finances and medical care, mom has suffered neglect and abuse. I would like to know if anyone knows what those other confidential documents contain, and who is permitted access to see them, and what I would need to do (as the proposed conservatee's son) do gain access to them. Hearing is a month away and I do not have the resources to hire an attorney. Mom's court appointed attorney hasn't been very helpful, so far. Many thanks.

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I found out what the documents are and what types of info they contain by checking the local judicial council website. However, I still do not know how to obtain copies of the actual documents that were filed, or how to object to a petition for conservatorship. Any info about that would be helpful.
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